Rain​-​Weather Music - EP

by the Dancing Hats

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released February 16, 2012

Corey O'Hara - Sings/Guitars!
Julia Cosgrove - Sings/Tambourines!
Shohei Kobayashi - Guitars/Banjos/Sings!
Cate Margeson - Violins/Sings!
Jenny Louthan - Trombones!
Ricardo Huerta - Mandolins!
Canaan Schlesinger - Drums!
Jordán Buysse - Bassss!

Music by the Dancing Hats
Words by Corey O'Hara
*except "Creeksong"
Words by Madi Manson and Corey O'Hara

Recorded December 4th & 12th, 2011
at the Map Room, Portland, OR
- www.themaproomstudio.com
Recorded/Produced/Mixed by Paul Laxer
- paullaxer.wordpress.com
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves, Telegraph Mastering
- telegraphaudio.com
Album artwork/design by Madi Manson



all rights reserved


the Dancing Hats Portland, Oregon

The Dancing Hats is a folk-rock n' roll outfit out of Portland, O.R. and they have the most fun. Forming over a weekend excursion to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and soon adding anybody they could find (violins! trombones! mandolins!), the group stays up late playing anytime they can and would love to sing for you whenever you would like. ... more

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Track Name: A Prayer for Dry Season/My People Are Scattered
Fire, take no prisoners,
Rob me of everything I've got.
For if what I have is what I am,
Then really I am not.

Yes I've stored up my treasures
And I know they'll rust and die
Yet I slave to keep them safe away
Thus, where my heart resides

As ash the dust of what I was
Winds from hill to sea
You've killed your hostage cursed flame
But really set me free


He made his own tap shoes from aluminum cans
Says he hates it when people just stand
Not a day over twelve he says he believes
the sky seems so much bigger in New Orleans

A crooked man lives off of those who are weak
Selling neon religion and cheaply made things
At the end of an era it comes to a close
What was was he good for and where does he go?

I am standing, I am waiting
I am flying, I am dying

He's sick like swine, a drunk teller of tales
It's amazing how quickly conversation gets stale
Says he likes civics but he wants to get away
He's such a liar he'll die here someday

My distant cousin by marriage not blood
Dragged on a cigarette and told me all she could
Married at 16, she offered me a smoke
I really want to take it but I'd probably choke

I am standing, I am waiting
I am flying, I am dying

Her eyes were full of dreams
But nothing's ever as it seems
She looked at me there with her foggy stare
Said, Go away. Just go away.

I've always been pretty old for my age
I don't have a story but I've got a stage
Sleep is overrated but I've got to succumb
Cause if I don't sleep tonight, will tomorrow ever come

I guess that I'm just one of those souls
Who doesn't really belong anywhere
I'm a wanderer, a traveler at best
My people are scattered but so are the rest
Track Name: A Prayer for High Places
Pity for the ample notion
"All is said and done"
Carry me with all your failures
And you won't move no one

And if I can see my reflection
In those pearly gates
Help me keep my eyes wide open
Despite my trying face

And if there is indeed a heaven
And I get in someway
I don't need clear streets of gold
If the good Lord sings with me
The good Lord sings with me
The good Lord sings with me
Track Name: Quiet
When I die, burn the body
I don't want to suffocate
Under six feet of lamentations
Sorrow and dry weight

Don't you ever sing alone
In the quiet of the tile echo
Ever sing alone
Cause the quiet cannot keep you
No, quiet never keeps you quite at home

And on the off-chance that there's no heaven
Send my ashes to the sea
So at least I'll reach the ends of the earth
and the water will remember me

Don't you ever sing alone
In the quiet of the tile echo
Ever sing alone
Cause the quiet cannot keep you
No, quiet never keeps you quite at home

I'll only die when you've forgotten
I'll only fade if you're away
I'll only sing when you are listening
I'll only laugh if you're okay

We can kiss when no one's looking
Hold hands when they're nearby
We can sing until it's light out
We can dance until we die

No you'll never sing alone
In the quiet of the tile echo
Never sing alone
Cause the quiet cannot keep you
No quiet never keeps you quite at home
Track Name: Birdsong
I lost my birdsong to the ocean,
To warmer weather and the open road.

Not gone but temporarily lost,
I wonder how the sun will cope with quiet ups.

Starting with no intended spectacle
But everybody looks, watching you go.

Quiet light with head down rises,
Apologetically reminds us to look up.
Track Name: Creeksong
Bird, she flew over the fields
Following, singing simple words
She came with a car-full of all that we'd lived with
Southbound for a while
Coming home, coming home

We found the worst
This town's like time travel
Stuck in this plastic antique
Selling porcelain wagons all dirty and broken down
No one ever leaves
Except for the creeks, oh the creeks.

Myrtle-berried eyes with matching feathers
Watch out! Those Canyon claws
Ditch pockets full of dirt
Oh that bite, like salt
I need water

Our dusty wheels leaked syrup and crumbs
Just enough so Bird would follow along
Still feeling funny from prior proceedings
We laughed and cried along
To her song, to her song

Hours of nothing after nothing
But somehow we kept entertained
Singing along as we crossed the state border
Remembering all that we'd known
Coming home, coming home!

Cheeks smooth as slate, hands may have seen Battle,
Watch out! Mouth like a flume,
legs dance like I wish
Oh that bite, like a dog

But by nightfall she'd flown
So close but yet so far alone
How I wished for one more day
One more hour

Bird took off like a stranger
Now I couldn't close my eyes
The headlights were the only sign that
Any road was left
On the way home, coming home

Coming home

Like fools we stopped to rest our weary feat
At crossroads, grass on our knees,
between all that we'd come from and all we're going back to,
No one wants to leave
Except for the creeks, oh those creeks.

Remembering where and when we were
Bird and I tried to take a picture
Running into place and racing the time
2 seconds! Not quite enough time
But they turned out alright, yeah, alright
There alright, yeah, alright,
We'll be alright, yeah, alright
We're alright, yeah alright.